Frederick Braastad


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Click to enlarge Reclining in his chair in 1915. Note the Braastad Department Store calendar on the wall at right.
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Click to enlarge Portrait taken as an older man.
Click to enlarge With Ole Aas on the farm (about 1908).
Click to enlarge Another photo with Ole Aas on the farm (about 1908).
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Portrait included in collage of officers of the National Ski Association. Pictured left to right are: George A. Nenett, Fred Braastad (Vice President), Aksel H. Holter (Secretary), Albert Aas*, Carl Tellefson (President), Ole G. Aas, and Eric Hoyseth (Treasurer). Caption at the top reads, "NATIONAL SKI ASSOCIATION, Organized Feby [February] 21st, 1904, AT Ishpeming Mich."

* There is some text at the top of the picture of Albert Aas. Difficult to read, the partial text is as follows, "ALBERT AAS - ISHPEMING, ONE OF ...."

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