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Braastad Nature Sanctuary
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Directions to the Braastad Nature Sanctuary
(The Old Braastad Farm)
Near Ishpeming, Michigan

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The Braastad Nature Sanctuary, or the "Old Braastad Farm," is located next to the "Dead River Storage Basin," northwest of Ishpeming, Michigan. The trip to the Sanctuary involves a drive by a beautiful lake called "Deer Lake." The main entrance to the Sanctuary is on an old dirt road called "Braastad's Rd." The Sanctuary is owned by the non-profit Michigan Nature Association. Old Braastad Farm

The Old Braastad Farm as it appeared on August 29, 1914.

Photo by Oscar Stensaas, provided courtesy of Birch Tree Enterprises. This photo appears in The Camps U.P. North, by William P. Bjork, published by Birch Tree Enterprises, 1996.

· Drive north from the intersection of State Highway 41 and Second St./Deer Lake Rd. in Ishpeming. (Once you are north of the highway you are on Deer Lake Rd., a road that has many twists and turns!)
· After driving approximately 6.3 miles you will encounter a "Y" in the road. Veer left at this "Y."
· Approximately 2.5 miles later you will encounter a second "Y" in the road. (This is the intersection of Deer Lake Rd. [a paved road] and Braastad's Rd. [a dirt/gravel road].) Veer right at this "Y."
· You are now on Braastad's Rd.
· Approximately half a mile later you will encounter a dirt road on the left, the entrance to the Sanctuary.
· Note that the Sanctuary is actually on both sides of the road.
My father, Frederick W. Braastad, M.D., standing next
to the entrance of the Braastad Nature Sanctuary
following a dedication ceremony on
October 18, 1981.
· Also note that there is no Braastad Nature Sanctuary sign posted at the entrance.

If you decide to enter the Sanctuary through the dirt road on the left, note the following
· The Michigan Nature Association, which owns the property, requests that cars be parked on or near Braastad's Road (i.e., that you walk - not drive - through the Sanctuary).
· As you walk farther up the dirt road you will encounter a "Y" in the dirt road. At about this spot, and in the general open area near this spot, once stood buildings on the old farm.
· The road to the left leads to a creek which is called "Barnhardt Creek."
· The road to the right leads to a forested area, and to another road.
  My sister and I standing next to Barnhardt Creek on the Old Braastad Farm. This picture was taken during an early 1970s family vacation to the Upper Peninsula.

· DON'T visit the Sanctuary by yourself - take along someone. It is a wildlife area (I heard what I believe was a bear during my August, 1996 visit).
· Bring a canteen of water with you.
· Bring plenty of strong insect repellent.
· Bring a camera - you'll want to take pictures!
 · DON'T wander off the paths of the Braastad Nature Sanctuary. On a visit in the early 1970s the only remains of the old farm buildings were the cellars. These were not visible to me in my August, 1996 visit. Hence, if you walk in the fields near the dirt road you could easily fall into one of the old cellars, which are now essentially pits.
· I was told the best time to visit the Upper Peninsula is in early to mid-September. At this time the fall colors are most beautiful, and the temperatures are still moderate.
Braastad family members at Barnhardt Creek, September 7, 1920.  

Directions to the Braastad Family Plot
Ishpeming Cemetery
Ishpeming, Michigan

Ishpeming Cemetery is just north of the intersection of State Highway 41 and Second Street/Deer Lake Rd. in Ishpeming.

Assuming you are driving north from State Highway 41 . . .
· Enter the cemetery through the main entrance (the third entrance on the left)
· Make an immediate right turn
· Then make an immediate left turn onto Ash Rd.
· Drive a few hundred feet down Ash
· You'll see a big headstone marked "Anderson" on the left
· You'll see the big "Braastad" family stone on the right

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